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Marley Publishing, Inc.


We design, develop and publish training materials for large-scale career development and mentoring programs in both the public and private sector.

these include a wide array of training instruments, games and tools of self-discovery that have been widely used internationally. Our work focuses on skill-based programs to improve organizational productivity and individual effectiveness, with a focus on fostering a climate that promotes individual responsibility and the awareness that uncertainty can be a positive force leading to new opportunities.

Some of our work is facilitated in collaboration and partnership with Career Systems International.









Creativity &


Career Development

CareerPower Classic® enables employees to take charge of their own development and commit to taking powerful career action. Managers utilize a proven model and a practical set of skills to support their employees’ self-directing careers.


CareerPower Classic™ is a workshop utilizing hands-on, highly interactive self-assessment tools and activities. Employees create their career development plan based on: their skills, interests and values; how others picture them; workplace trends; and their realistic career options. Whether delivered as a self-paced, web-based or instructor-led workshop, employees at every level learn how to plan and manage their own careers.



Our resilience perspective and skills are more important than ever as we face the challenges of living and working in turbulent times.


We must continue to value and hone our capacity for innovation, creativity and optimistic energy in order to stay strong in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world.


This dramatic new approach to achieving renewal and mastery is Resilience 2.0:

Building a thriving workforce in challenging times.





This is a unique program designed to foster productive, supportive relationships among people throughout and at every level of the organization. Whether a facilitated or self-directed

learning experience, it weaves together the concepts of mentoring and networking to build strong alliances that enhance professional growth.


Power Mentoring™


Employees who feel linked to the organization are more engaged and productive. Mentoring is a powerful, cost effective means of providing that link. It equips current or potential mentors with the basic skills and practical how to’s for mentoring others. Using either a self-study or web-based version, this short, simple and practical program can serve as an introduction to mentoring or as a supplement to existing mentor/mentee relationships. This unique mentoring experience encourages self-development for the mentor while simultaneously developing the mentee.




This is the complementary program to PowerMentoring™ and parallels the process from the mentee’s perspective. The program helps mentees understand their role in the mentoring process and fosters active participation in the learning experience by accelerating collaborationon both sides of the relationship.







Innovation is the key to maintaining a competitive edge in the global marketplace.


The Creative Mind Profile is the resource you need to determine your creative style. It will help unleash your potential to bring more excitement and energy to the workplace. It can also increase both your individual and group productivity. Additionally, by tapping into your creative potential, you will enhance your ability to build powerful collaborative relationships.


The Creative Style Profile will help you better understand your approach to creativity and achieve greater business and personal success. It will help you see old things in new ways, increase your ability to be innovative, and uncover your creative abilities to lead and work with others.

Managing Innovation


A powerful way to keep employees engaged is to provide a culture and environment that supports and fosters the challenge and excitement of innovation. The Managing

Innovation Quotient will give managers specific and practical behaviors that can dramatically change their ability to manage staff and individual innovation.


The Five Dimensions of Innovation


Job Design •  Perspective  •  Vision

Receptivity   •  Collaboration






The MIQ describes thirty specific actions that will help managers promote a climate where adaptability, flexibility, and creativity are encouraged and supported. The “actions” are organized into The Five Dimensions of Innovation. These dimensions represent the core functions that managers need to master as the demands of their jobs and the needs of their teams evolve.


Managers answer questions about each action, and then give themselves a Proficiency Rating. They are then able to target goals and track their performance over a six month period.




Like all our other products and tools (i.e.: Invest in Your Values, Connections, Deal Me In, etc.) this is meant to be a simple tool that offers strong insights in limited time.


The Conscious Journey:

A Traveler's Guide to Life's Second Half


Discover what gives your life meaning and a sense of purpose. Explore how to turn your ideas into reality and maintain the passion and energy you have for your work and for life. Revisit the goals and dreams of your past, challenge the decisions you are making now and create a vision for who you will become tomorrow.


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